Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap

Well the weekend was neither productive, creative nor particularly lucrative. My husband did celebrate his birthday and that included seeing a movie, Inside Out, and having friends over for dinner and another movie. I did a little tatting as I sold a bracelet yesterday and I finished reading yet another novel and started one more. My entire Friday was spent cleaning in anticipation of the afore mentioned birthday so there was no bobbin lace. Then on Sunday there was another birthday dinner, this time with family and since I was so exhausted from the two days prior, I spent most the rest of my Sunday reading and trying to stay conscious.

I'm watching on of my nieces today for a spell and then I actually have a small tatting project to attend to. An old etsy friend has made a request and I need to do a little design work to see if it's possible. I'm also hoping to get some bobbin lace going as well. I don't want to stagnate on it, but as I'm sure I mentioned I really ought to acquire more bobbins if I'm going to continue learning from this point. So unless I sell a bunch of lace soon, I'll just be treading water with the bobbins. I guess that's about it for this morning. Hopefully the day brings something interesting at least.

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