Tuesday, June 16, 2015


What a long day we had around here. We left early to walk to the college for the kids classes. It's about a thirty minute walk and the classes are an hour and twenty minutes, so I decided to just hang out there and read while they were in class. Then it was the walk back and they still had a full schedule of home schooling to get through when we got home. To their credit, they only complained a bit. Then in the afternoon we attended a school board meeting to see the husband receive an employee of the quarter award. This would have been fine except with the car out of commission for the time being we had to rely on a ride which meant errand running on the way home. So, yeah long day.

Between those two things I did get some bobbin lace work in. I actually much prefer the 60º turning of this piece over the 90º turns of a square one. Plus without the gimp thread to worry about the pattern was a breeze. I even managed to get it finished with no complications tying it together. When I showed this picture on Facebook yesterday, I was warned that these pins may rust and it's better to use the small stainless steel ones. Honestly I've never had a straight pin rust on me ever, of course I do live in a very low humidity area, so maybe that helps. I know it's harder to see the lace through these as I work, but they are so much easier to handle than the tiny headed ones. I also doubt that I'll be working on any pieces big enough to take the time that would be needed for rust to occur, but I'm being foolish and you know better, please share.

Today will be a repeat of yesterday save for the afternoon. I'm thinking of taking tatting to the college this morning, if for no other reason than to confuse people with my giant needle. I don't have any projects that really need working on, but maybe I just need to do it anyway. I guess we'll see how I feel in a couple of hours.


Carolyn said...

Love the pattern! So nice to see other possibilities for lace. 😀

Caseymini said...

Pamela! Leave it to you to find a pattern for something other than a straight edging of bobbin lace. I have never seen anything like this in bobbin lace before. Beautiful!