Friday, June 12, 2015

Needle and Bobbin

Well, we did have quite a long morning of schooling followed by the kids awards ceremony and pot luck lunch at the park. I actually do enjoy seeing the diversity of all the families in our homeschooling program and of course it gives the kids a chance to be acknowledged among their peers. I do wish it were cooler outside when we did it all though.

When we got home I got back to work on the custom mask order. I had fewer problems with it once I got back into the groove. I mean I have made this piece dozens of times at this point, it has just been awhile. I actually managed to finish this early enough in the evening to sit down with the bobbin lace for a little while as well. I'll still need to so some finishing work on the mask, but I'll definitely have it the post by tomorrow morning.

The bobbin lace is still slow going, but I think I might have gotten the pattern mostly down. Unlike tatting, I really can't stop work anywhere though. I find that If I'm distracted before I finish an element, I can't remember which bobbin was going which direction. I generally end up undoing something to get my bearings again. I did turn one more corner last night after this photo. It went without incident, but I'm starting to get really nervous about joining the end and the beginning since I can see it coming soon enough.

I just wanted to also say thank you to everyone who has been commenting on my bobbin lace progress, the advice and encouragement has been wonderful! Hopefully I'll get to put more of that advice to use soon, but for now I'll just keep working on it with what I have and hoping for more tatting sales at the same time.

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Carolyn said...

Gorgeous tatting and fabulous bobbin lace. So impressed - you are my heroine! Have a great weekend!