Thursday, June 4, 2015


Sorry for not writing yesterday. I honestly didn't think anyone would really notice, but at least one person did, and contacted me, and that actually kind of made my day. The reason I wasn't here was that my husband had a doctor's appointment at Stanford in the morning. It's a couple of hours away from us, in the morning, and through Bay Area traffic, so we left ridiculously early, too early to give me enough time to write a post. We also just make these appointments into family trips and this time we stopped by the Winchester Mystery House, It's one of those places that you see billboards for all over the highways growing up, but we just never went before.

It was a bit expensive will all four of us, but we made a day out of it and spent more hours than I thought we would touring the odd place. The kids quite enjoyed all the strange bits of architecture and the tour guides stories. You are only allowed to take pictures outside, so you get the door to nowhere and the front of the house which really makes the place look far more normal than it is.

Obviously I didn't get any tatting, nor bobbin lace done. We didn't get back home until dinner time and then it was pretty much straight to bed as we were pretty wiped out. I did work more on the bobbin lace on Monday though. I manged to turn one more corner in the piece. I'm not going to go into how very many times I've messed it up though. I'm just soldiering through to the end. I suppose that's the plan for today, just to make it through some more of the bobbin lace, so I can finish it and really evaluate my errors and work out how not to do them again. Other than that and schooling the kids, I'm looking forward to sitting about for the day to undo all that walking and adventuring from yesterday.

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