Friday, June 26, 2015

All The Crafts

I started my day with a lovely email asking for bobbin lace information which put me in a nice mood for the day. Why? I'm not entirely certain maybe it was just so nice to hear something complimentary, or maybe it was just that I liked the person. Whatever it was it got me working. During my last sitting session for College for Kids, I just made lengths of lace, followed by a standalone rose. No, they're not meant to sit together as in the picture, I was just being weird with the bits. The strips will likely soon be chokers and the rose, I might just give away.

Once I was home and still in such a nice mood, I worked on the strip of bobbin lace I started yesterday. It worked up nice and fast and now I have yet another strip of something that I'll probably never do anything with. After that I tried desperately to find instructions for the type of bobbin lace that makes shapes and motifs. I'm not even certain that I could work that without a cookie pillow that I could turn, but I had a hell of a time trying to find instructions so for now it's a moot point.

I did go back in book I'm using to try and fail a technique I had skipped. I'll likely just undo what I have already tried with that one to save thread. Then I suppose I'll go searching again for more instruction. I suppose this is the point where have an actual instructor would be helpful. Oh, and one last thing before I go for the day. Here's an awful selfie of the tunic I crocheted over the last couple of weeks. I like it, but I do wish I could have sprung for better yarn for it, Oh well. Here's to a productive, creative, and if the Universe is feeling generous, lucrative weekend.


Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

I like the tunic a lot! Hope your uplifted mood lasts! :)

Fox said...

That strip of lace is really pretty. As I was admiring it, it occured to me that you could combine your needle tatting with some bobbin lace. If you used a slightly thiner black thread than your usual, you could make some mighty fine veils - as in 1940!

Just a thought.
Fox : )

r0xanne said...

I really like the rose between those two strips. You should add some more roses and see if you can turn into a cuff bracelet or a neck collar.