Wednesday, June 10, 2015


As expected, I spent much of the day upstairs again while the child wrote her paper. I started the day of bobbin lace just a tad before I took this picture. I was determined to not give up on this one this time. That was hard to do though. I just kept getting one too many bobbins on one side or the other, not to mention the annoyance as the bobbins started hanging off the edge of my clearly too small of this nonsense, foam board. The design has to be turned so I pinned it in the middle. I guess what that really means is that I'm going to be annoyed over and over as I work on each side and the bobbins hang down over the edges.

By the end of the day this is where I was. I had successfully turned a corner though I was still having to undo an element here and there to get a bobbin back where it belongs. You'd think after repeating the same things over and over again that I'd eventually understand where the bobbins need to end up. At this point I see myself finally getting it as I finish the last side.

There is yet another paper for the the child to write today, so you can guess what I'll be doing. I don't mind of course, except that it is ungodly hot around these parts and I'm trying to avoid using the air conditioning as much as possible. This means it's a bit warm inside and especially so upstairs. As much as I like our house, it was not built for temperature consistency. No matter though, I'll bobbin lace(is there a better verb for that?) and she'll write. Only one week left of schooling now.

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