Thursday, June 18, 2015


What a relentlessly long day yesterday was. It started out the same as the previous two days, but stretched quite a bit longer in the schooling part. It was the last day as so they both had tests and the older child had essays to write for them. Though I'm happy to report little complaint and plenty of writing. It just took some time.

I did take my crochet project with me in the morning while I waited during the kid's classes. There's really nothing to show for it since the project is a long tunic. That means all I have right now is a rectangle that need to be much longer. I did get up to a little bobbin lace in the late afternoon, but I'm having issues with where to leave off the bobbins again and that's caused me to undo and redo more than once already. You'd think I would have all this figured out by now, but sometimes my brain stops functioning and nothing makes sense.

I woke up to a pendant order of my mermaid tail this morning. Lucky for me, it needs to be made in the color requested and that gives me at least one small task for today's waiting time. I'll likely bring the crochet again as well since the pendant isn't all that big nor complicated. Then with no schooling, it's time to clear out all the papers and books and clean up the schooling area. After that I plan on wasting some time just because I can. Don't worry it won't last long before boredom forces me to want to get back to lace making.

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