Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rose Necklace

So I decided to take my needle and thread with me yesterday morning along with my crochet project. I started out crocheting and then had a hint of an idea. It wasn't much, but it got me tatting and it grew into an interesting asymmetric necklace. There was literally no pattern involved here at all. I just started tatting a rose with random petals and then gave it a vine with whatever thread was leftover after I felt the rose was big enough. Then I just added a Josephine chain on either side. I actually finished this during the kids classes and went back to crochet when it was done.

I had every intention of finishing it up with some hardware when I got home, but instead I did yard work as requested by the husband. Well, not really yard work so much as pulling the weeds amongst the dying grass. Our water restrictions are killing the lawns, but the weeds seem to be cool with it. That means very dry ground holding tightly to weed roots. Consequently my hands still hurt today and I'm pretty sore all over from the effort. I hadn't the energy for bobbin lace either, so that rose necklace is the extent of my creative efforts.

I have no plans to pull weeds today, so hopefully I'll start a new bobbin lace project. Or maybe I'll get another tatting idea. Who knows what I'll actually get up to today, I just hope it doesn't hurt my hands anymore.

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