Friday, June 19, 2015

This and That

It was another long day, but this time it was mostly of my own making. We had College for Kids in the morning of course and that's when I got his necklace made. It actually took me a bit longer than usual because I accidentally started the second row with a split chain. Apparently I was so anxious about getting that right, I did it far too early. After that was made I started in on my crochet project for the rest of my waiting time. As soon as we were home I put this pendant on a chain and it'll be out in the mail to its new owner today.

Once home it was straight to the bobbin lace since there was no homeschooling to get to. I did go up and do some cleaning later, but there was no rush on it. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong on this corner piece and got it finished. It should have been done faster as it's such a small piece, but I am sill quite full of mistakes when it comes to bobbin lace. This was actually the last piece in the book that I planned on doing. The real last one was a cross and I really have no interest in making that, even for the skills I could pick up from it.

So I went looking through the author's web site to find some more patterns suited to the 12 bobbin pairs that I own and I opted for this one. She calls it a sampler piece because it has so many different grounds between the cloth stitch fans. It's definitely good practice. I should get it done today because I have nothing else to do. No College for Kids, no homeschooling, no orders to fill, nothing that needs doing. I might take a walk with the kids, or I could do a bit of cleaning or reading. I know we'll all get really bored really fast with no structure, but a day of it can't hurt anyone, right?

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