Monday, May 4, 2015

This and That

Well, we had a nice long weekend around here including adventuring, The Avengers, and Free Comic Book Day. On Friday while one child was testing the other asked to go to Michael's so she could get a 'string thing' to make. The 'string thing' she was asking for turned out to be a cross stitch kit. While we were there I looked about for anything bobbin lace related, there was of course nothing, but then we saw a bunch of latch hook kits on clearance. I thought, here's something the kids can do all by themselves and feel a nice sense of accomplishment, so we bought a few. They both took to it rather well, so I'm pretty glad I spent the $5 or so for each of them. We even decided to make two of them Mother's Day presents for the grandmas. I was also roped into working on one so it would get done in time and I have to tell you it is so relaxing to do a project that requires so little thought, just the meditative movement of my hands and yarn.

Other than the latch hooking, I did attempt my first go at the bobbin lace. Again, this is only possible because some wonderful people made videos and websites with clear information. That being said this seems to be a very complex world. The worst being that between the different sites and the written information in the kit there appears to be terminology confusion. It seems that some people refer to one combination of movements with one name and others with a different name. Worse some of the same names are used by different people to describe entirely different combinations of movements. I have to admit to some steady confusion personally. I'm hoping as I read and watch more things will sort themselves out. I've clearly made some mistakes here, but this is the first bit that looks even remotely like it's suppose to. This undertaking is going to take some concentration.

We're back to a nice normal week as far as schooling is concerned. The weekend lacked any sales in the shop, so I don't have anything needing remaking, but I'm hoping that I get some relaxing time to get to some tatting, a little latch hooking, and some bobbin lace. That's actually sounds like a lot to stuff in the day, so I guess we'll just see how it goes.

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