Thursday, May 28, 2015

Done and Started

The morning was chock full of shcooling, a doctor's appointment, and the resulting errands. Of course it's always good when the kids' doctor solves one of their issues with a trip to the grocery store instead of a prescription. It was just a yearly check up, but the oldest child was also having some digestive issues. Anyway, it was well after lunch when I got time to sit and work.

Finally I pulled this piece off the board. It's not quite like I had hoped, but it was mostly done correctly. You can tell that I kind of got the gimp thread in the wrong place a few times. I kept resisting the urge to just weave the thing through the finished lace with a needle. I really, really wanted to just do that and honestly I think that could have totally been done.

After I finished this I almost went straight on to the next section in the book, but then I remembered that I was going to make myself tat something. At first I tried to exercise my design muscles, but they wouldn't respond to prodding. It was about this point that I had a bit of a financial scare as my credit card alerted me to a charge by the city finance office of over $500 instead of the $41 that my business license renewal actually costs. So while on the phone to fix that crazy mistake I just tatted up a tiny triangle. Not a great, or even interesting piece, but I did get some tatting in, so I'm going to count it.

After that I read through the next section in the book and using larger thread again, I wound my bobbins for the next piece. This one uses a pointed beginning and it did throw me a bit. Honestly I won't really know if I did it right until I get it finished, but it also has new ground to learn, so either way, I guess I will have learned something with this section. I used the larger thread and blew up the pattern just a bit, so I could see the pattern better, let's hope it helps.

The rest of the week is devoid of additional tasks. It's just schooling and lace for me. Of course there's not much week left, so I'll just make do with what I have. Hopefully something interesting happens soon to help me focus back on tatting for a while.

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