Friday, May 15, 2015

As Expected

For once in a long while, things went as planned. I got an order in the morning while I was schooling the kids and so I had a tatting project as soon as we were done. Even better it was something I actually haven't made in awhile, my eye patch. Yes I am aware that it is functionless, but it looks neat and was meant as a decorative, costume piece. It's a fairly quick piece to make, the hardest part is getting it joined to the wire just right. I actually ended up doing a few stitch count changes on it this go around as I was noticing some sections that didn't lay quite as perfectly. It sort of wrecks the easy math of the piece, but it looks better.

After that was made it was back to the bobbins. I'm still working on this section of lace and I think it's going to take another day at least just to finish the short design that I printed even though it will still be far too short to be useful for anything. I definitely learned a few more lessons about managing the bobbins locations after completing an element. Though I was a little too random with the removal of pins to reuse. I took a couple out of the top which I should have left in, but still a vast improvement.

I'm hoping to get this piece off the board today and I think I'm confident to move on to the next lesson in the book. I think it was called 'spiders', so that sounds interesting. I'll try to get some tatting in over the weekend though I'm still waiting for that inspiration I asked for. I'm starting to feel the need to create something new again, but I can't do that until I think of something. So here's to my creativity kicking into gear soon.

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