Wednesday, May 6, 2015


As soon as schooling was done yesterday I pulled out that edging that I was working on last week. It amazing how few days it takes for me to forget what the stitch counts for something was. It took me a bit of counting to remember what I was doing, but eventually I had the piece worked up to choker length. It has yet to be turned into a choker because I just didn't fancy getting it put together and taking pictures yesterday. I suppose I really ought to try to get round to that today.

What I'm incredibly proud of achieving yesterday is my first piece of bobbin lace. Now mind you it's nothing real, nor useful, it's simply the first lesson I followed from beginning to end actually pulling off a piece of something completed. I'm using Jo Edkins' website and I just downloaded both of her books to help as well, though I haven't looked through them at all yet. The books were actually available through Kindle Unlimited so I get to look through them for free, but I digress. The piece here is just a simple footside, but like I said it's the first one I did to any length and didn't undo to try something else.

So today I'll try to muster up the motivation to get that edging turned into a choker and listed in my shop. I'm certain to be playing more with the bobbins as well. I currently have a torchon lace ground section in progress. It is so hard for me to just start from the beginning and do these practice pieces. I want to be making finished pieces already and incorporate them into my tatting, but patience is indicated here, so I'll slow down and work my way up. One day, far in the future, I might even be good at this.