Friday, May 29, 2015

One More Done

We didn't have any extra tasks or errands yesterday, so right after schooling it was back to the bobbin lace. I finished up the piece that I started yesterday and pulled it off the board. I've started posting these pieces on my Facebook page as well if for no other reason than to put something up there while I'm distracted from tatting. Someone posted that I should leave the lace pinned down for awhile to increase tension, but I've far too impatient for that. I've also been told more than once that I generally need to increase my tension. Now, I know how that's accomplished with knitting, crochet, and tatting, but I'm not entirely certain how that's accomplished with the bobbins. Do I need more weight? Do I just pull and tighten more between stitches? Is it just that my starter equipment is terribly inferior? Any answers would be great, or I'll just look about to discover them later.

In the meantime I've started the next piece which has a border going all the way around it. I have to admit that this one had me stymied. I'm still fairly certain that my starting mistakes will rear their heads just as soon as I unpin this one. That being said, I still intend to work it to the end. This pattern is also making want to get proper equipment as I'm using a foam board and cardboard base that came with my lacis kit. It's great for pinning, but it falls over tangling the thread and it doesn't really turn at all. Of course I am reluctant to purchase equipment like a pillow when I have too little experience to know what to get and little money to waste on the purchase. I suppose that means I just suck it up and use what I've got for now.


Carolyn said...

Maybe tighten more between stitches? My reading seems to imply that, but I do not really know. As for a new pillow, I have seen many tutorials on how to make your own. They are intriguing to me. I like the look of those French pillows with the roller/pillow thing, but the seem only good for making long ribbons of lace. I think I will probably, someday, end up making my own pillow just because shipping would be so pricy to get one here. Anywho, I have seen things that say to leave the lace in pins for a day, but, I am too impatient for that. Plus, how could you do that if you use a roller? At some point you have to pull the pins so you can move on. It's a mystery to me. Until I get my kit it will remain a mystery. 😜

Carol Johnson said...

I am really impressed with the speed at which you are learning bobbin lace. I attempted to learn a few years ago during winter break, when we had company in the house. It was sort of a Christmas present to myself. I didn't have enough time to learn, but I'd like to someday.For now I'll stick to needle tatting.
There is a website, He has a tutorial to make your own bobbin pillow out of a little bit of plywood, an old wool blanket, and other fabric. It seems quite easy, and the instructions seem quite clear. Carol