Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Yesterday was just as busy as predicted. There was a bit of cleaning followed by decorating, family and chaos, then more cleaning. That's the way of the family get together though and I do enjoy having them all around...at least for a few hours. I did mange to carve out a little sitting time in the morning and again in the evening, but I didn't get anything accomplished.

You see, I started this last Buck's Point piece with honeycomb lace and I thought I was doing alright when I realized that I had forgotten to start the gimp thread at all. Instead of backing up I decided to just start it at the first intersection on the pattern. Then I got so frustrated with the thing that I cut it off and pulled it out. I kept right on working until I started pulling pins from the beginning of the work exposing the last already done. That's when I noticed I'd fundamentally misunderstood the stitch I was working on. I had totally botched the whole thing. I should have just cut the bobbins loose at this point, but I didn't want to waste that much thread. Instead I chose to undo the whole thing, on stitch at a time. It became not only an exercise in patience, but also a lesson in undoing a piece without crying.

So I start today fresh. Either I try the piece again using what I've learned or I just decide to move onto the next lesson and come back to this later. Whichever I chose, I've got that on tap for today along with some extra schooling nonsense to worry about and hopefully getting some tatting in as well. At least i know when I tat for hours, I'll have something to show for it.

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Eve said...

Hi, you are doing great so far on the Lacemaking. As a Bobbin lacer myself may I suggest something? See if you can get hold of some regular lace pins to pin up with as the large bead headed pins obscure the work so you cannot see what is going on. I have learned almost as much Un Lacing as Lacing, so do not despair of doing that anytime you see something off. Do you have a lace group near you to mentor you in the Bobbin Lace, it is very helpful. Not a great deal of teaching videos are online for Bobbin Lace as there are for tatting and other things.