Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hiding In The Lace

There was no tatting to speak of yesterday I'm afraid. No orders and no great ideas either, so I just stayed with the bobbins all day. This new piece was filled with new techniques including what was referred to as a bud and something called trails. Like the last piece, it was fairly easy to see where each thread needed to go. It was however, not always easy to get them there. I spent quite a lot of time undoing and redoing sections as I came to the next element and realized that there was no way forward unless I fixed some issue rows up.

It was slow going, but with no other tasks on hand, I'm avoiding cleaning too early so I don't have to repeat myself, I could spend much of the day on the piece. I finished right before heading up for the night. It's still far from perfect, but I feel like I'm moving steadily forward with it.

I will have to stop and clean a few things soon. The weekend is going to be a long one with the child's birthday outings and her party. We're also nearing the end of their school year which means work samples, tests and year end events, so I'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed. I think that I might actually be hiding in the bobbins right now, afraid that if I look up, I'll have to get all this other stuff taken care of. At least I'm learning something new whilst I hide from responsibilities.

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Carolyn said...

Could you tell me what book you are using? It sounds as though it is a good resource, and since I have fallen into the pit of bobbin lace, I may need to get a copy. Thank you for sharing your work. Your tatting is so beautiful and inspires me.