Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Backing Up

I had an interesting arc of events yesterday. I was lucky enough to get a sale in my shop while I was schooling, so I had a kitty ear headband to get made once we were done. Unfortunately the youngest child had her mind set on playing chess and the oldest child didn't want to, leaving me to play. No, this was not unfortunate right off the bat, it got there as we all realized two things. I cannot play a game badly enough to let someone, even my child win, and the she is not emotionally stable enough to play a game she will lose. Let's just say that afternoon was filled with tears, laundry, reminders of our personality flaws, and promises to try again tomorrow.

After all that I still did get those ears made up and I followed that with winding all my bobbins for another go at some bobbin lace. I went back in the book to the first point where I had problems understanding the reason for the movements of the bobbins. I read more carefully and a few more things clicked into place for me. So I managed to get this practice piece for footsides all made up and off the pins. I had misinterpreted some instructions last time, not that the book is written badly, I guess I'm just carrying in my own preconceptions that cause me to read what I think I should be reading, no what is actually written.

After this I got the bobbins wound again in preparation for whatever I take on today. I think I might try the headside again so I get grasp where to leave the bobbins after finishing an element as that seems to be an issue for me. Other than that I'll probably make yet another pair of cat ears so I can have a backup pair on hand. Oh, and at least one game of chess, I can't forget that.

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