Friday, May 1, 2015


Yesterday was a bit of a stressful one. It wasn't any one thing, but a whole lot of little ones that I suppose have been building up for awhile. It seems to have culminated in a very knotted up back this morning. It seems that testing season is almost as stressful for me as it is for the child. I won't get into particulars, but let's just say I think I need a vacation from everything. Since that's not going to happen though, I really just need to try and not let every little thing add itself to the pile that is apparently stacked on my back.

Back to tatting though. I still haven't finished the choker yet. I was distracted by other things. I did work on the slave bracelet that sold in my shop though. This one is made using the same elements that are in my Petals Pattern. I didn't add this one to the sale pattern because I wanted to keep a little something for myself though. It was fairly quick to work up which is good because of all that distraction I was talking about earlier. Let me just say how much I hate having to be the 'grown up' sometimes. It's really the worst.

In other lace news, I decided that it was about time for me to learn something new. I've been tatting almost exclusively for a decade now and while I'm still pretty far from being an expert, I've certainly gotten the hang of it. So for my new craft attempt, I picked up a bobbin lace kit. It was at a nice reduced price and the kids are old enough for me to leave pins and bobbins around, so it was time. I'm sure I'll show you what I'm up to once I'm confident that I have half a clue. So far, it's a bit of a mess. If I didn't have the internet to supplement the  inadequate instructions included in the kit I would have tossed the thing in the trash. Thank goodness for how-to videos. I'm also hoping that this will reduce, not increase my stress level. I'm not sure that will be the case yet though. I'm crossing my fingers.


Jane McLellan said...

Good luck with the bobbin lace. Yes, hooray for the internet that enables us to learn new things.

craftie sylvie said...

Bobbin lace!!! I've admired this craft for ages but never felt gifted enough to try. It all looks so mysterious to me.
Good luck, I can't wait to see your results.
:) Sylvie