Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, That's Good

Well, I've got good news and...well some other good news. First off the much talked about lost package has finally wound its way back home with nary a door bell ring or knock. I found it leaning on my porch after I finished schooling yesterday. It was a tad banged up, but the contents were perfectly fine and there was no indication of why it went astray. The address remained correct and perfectly clear and written in pen next to it was the word 'refused'. I'd dwell on the mystery of the two weeks between the delivery confirmation and the refusal, but it doesn't seem much worth the energy as it's back now.

The other good news is the lovely article that posted yesterday on Geek Mom. It was requested by one of my good twitter friends, Brigid Ashwood. You really ought to check out her art as well. It is just beautiful. Anyway, the article is superbly written and just another little bit of exposure for me and the lace.

Oh, I almost forgot what was in the lost package. I had made up three pieces in ivory that I've never had in the shop so I got photos of them yesterday and got them all listed. My favorite is the ivory version of my newest mask, 'Such A Sad Love'. Instead of tigers eye beads, this one has pearls, but otherwise it has the same embellishments, crystals, seed beads and the metallic embroidered edge. I actually did remake this one for the second package without the embroidery, but since none of the masks were used you didn't get to see it. A nice side effect of having to remake this piece is I now have the design nice and memorized, so I might get a few more of these made up in different shades with different embellishments.

I do still have a few things I am remaking and no, I haven't gotten any offers since the runway show unless you count the creepy spam questions I've been getting on formspring the last couple of days. I am looking for a fairly high profile site to do a giveaway on, though the few I've looked as so far don't really fit what I'm looking for or I'm just not awesome enough or they only do giveaways for paid sponsors. Maybe I'll just wait until April when all my anniversaries are and just hold one here.


AJ said...

I'm so glad to hear that your missing package has finally made its way back home! I suppose you'll never know what happened to it, but everything turned out OK in the end :)

Caro-chan said...

The ivory mask is beautiful! It's a shame it didn't get used though. Hopefully some of your pieces did though.

Looking forward to any possible giveaways you do! Your work is gorgeous but out of my budget at the moment. If my blog was bigger (I am only "fairy big" in my fashion niche) I'd be willing to host a giveaway, or at the very least let people know about one on your own blog, in a second!

Wildcat said...

Wow you post early in the morning!!

What brand thread do you use? I'm finally getting comfortable enough that I want to use high quality thread and not the stuff I've been learning and practicing on.
I love sharing your work with others:)

TotusMel said...

@Wildcat I use dmc cebelia primarily.