Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yesterday went off much as I predicted. I spent most of the day working on remaking a mask, catching up with comic book reading and my dvr. Then I was compelled to react to an email message which asked for more headpieces, so I began work on another one. This one will be in Ivory and brass, but I didn't get any pictures of the progress I've made so far. Instead I present kitties. I realize that this first picture probably does not require any explanation to other cat owners, but the story is still amusing so I shall tell it. See, I unloaded the dryer and the kitty JiJi climbs right in and settles down. After taking his photo I remove him and begin putting more wet clothing inside. He then proceeds to climb in again and cozy in a pile of wet clothes and I now completely understand how cats end up dried to death. Lucky for him, I'm observant.

We have a field trip this morning to a cheese factory, but then I hope to get back to the headpiece so I can get something made to show you. I've also taken to the idea of reworking my In Bloom ankle corset so it is an actual necklace. The inspiration for that idea came from the runway where the designer used the actual ankle corset as a necklace. I'm fairly certain that she just tied them on, but I think if I simply extend the design I can add a clasp. I might need to do a few more tweaks to get it to look nice or at least like I meant to do it, but since I have so many pairs made right now courtesy of the lost and found package, I can just experiment a bit with those until I have that aha! moment.

And since I can't just show one kitty, here's Halo not paying any attention to me. Yes, they are getting huge and are soon due for their spay and neuter appointments. The boys are much bigger than the girls but their rampant destruction is a family affair and they rip about the house with the power of a small tornado. Lucky for me they are still largely uninterested in my thread. Get a ball of yarn however and all bets are off. Alright, off to it then.

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Crazy Mom Tats! said...

And....Thank you for the kitty pictures. JiJi is so cute in the dryer!

Cats are so funny, and such lovely company.