Friday, February 11, 2011

Is It There Yet?

I have been obsessively tracking my new package since it left yesterday. In fact before UPS picked it up from the store I was on the edge of an anxiety attack. Of course I say that as someone who has never actually had one of those before, so let me back up and just say I was stressed out until I finally got the updated tracking that it was on its way. I even woke up at an even more ungodly hour this morning and immediately checked the tracking again, it just left New Jersey by the way, which seems to indicate that it is on schedule to arrive by noon like it said it would. Will I relax now? Not a chance. In fact I'm not certain I will be able to relax until after everything is said and done. So If I could go back to bed now and wake up on say, Monday...yeah, that's be great.

Seriously though, I had the worst time staying on task yesterday even though I had plenty of things that needed doing. I've got that, so behind I don't even know where to start, thing going on. I got one custom piece done and I've been trying to get things remade. If I actually finish a pair of ankle corsets today, I'll start work on two new custom pieces that are adaptions of necklaces into headbands. I did this once before with the Victorious necklace in gray and the customer returned for more saying that she loaned hers to her stepdaughter who says she feels like a princess when she wears it. Isn't that the sweetest compliment? I should have started it yesterday, but that focus issue made designing a bad idea. I couldn't image what I would have come up with in that state.

I will likely either blog again later today or tomorrow when I know how the box of tatting has fared. If all goes well, I'll post the details regarding the runway show for you to follow if you wish. If things go awry, well...I'll post about that as well. Again, I really appreciate all the crossed fingers and well wishes from everyone. You guys are truly awesome and I'm so grateful that you stick around to read my nonsense.

Update: I received word from the designer that the new package has arrived. I'll post more details later today or tomorrow morning.


jenilin said...

good job good luck. wow you did pieces for a fashion show twice!!!!!!!! you rock enjoy the day you deserve it.


I really love your work!
I'm your fan!!

Wildcat said...

now that you have two copies of the items in the fashion show..I'm sure we will be very interesting in buying them!