Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dash Of Color

And here comes the info letdown. That's right, it appears that things have already run their course. I suppose it could be temporary, but mentions of the show have trickled down to almost nothing and well, I just don't have anything left to share that would induce congratulations. I am okay with this of course, but it greatly reduces the amount of things I have to blather on about.

I got a couple of pieces remade yesterday and then decided that there were a couple of bigger things I wanted to get made. First up, I opted to make a red version of the Such A Sad Love mask. I am embellishing it the same way I did the others starting with the sewn on crystals, though these red ones are ordering mistake. I'm still doing the embroidered edge in silver right now and then I'll add red seed bead dangles and tip them in some red swarovski crystals. Hopefully I'll get all that done early enough today to get photos taken of it to get it listed.

After this one, I want to work on a collar necklace. There have been a lot of people mistaking a manufactured lace piece from with attached chains from the runway show as mine. It wasn't, though I could see why you'd make that assumption since I have been known to drape chains off my lace. The designer worked with Armor Jewelry for that and the other chain pieces. That being said, I want to make my own version as well. I plan on starting with my throat corset piece and using a technique I used on another, never listed piece, I'll make the lace a little more open and then start with the chain bits. I have no interest in making a direct copy of the runway piece, heck I can't even see it clear enough to try, but the basic concept was already something I wanted to try and this was just my incentive to try it out.

I think after that I will get back to the shoulder piece. I have a feeling that I have already taken far too long for the original custom to still be interested, but all this runway business has gotten me back in an avant garde, high concept kind of mood. Don't worry, it can't last too long.

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jenilin said...

I can't wait to see what you create, and you already got some inspiration so yay I can't wait remember the inspiration for the the last piece of major work it was the OOAK mask, I am glad you got it back!!!