Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yep, it's another of those, typing out of habit days, as I have little to report. I been spending much of my time working on stock and worrying about things I cannot control. In fact so many things have been dancing around in my brain that I fear I am clenching my jaw again. This happened a couple of years ago and combined itself with a dying tooth to provide me with much pain and suffering for a few months at least. This time I think it is just the stress so I'm trying to keep massaging my jaw and relax, but it's been giving my a subtle but persistent headache as well. Seriously the next two weeks need to just scoot on by now.

Reliving the jaw pain took me back though and I remembered that I used to do these personal reveal posts. I would answer some question no one ever asked, but I stopped doing them long ago. Since it strikes me that many of you just recently found me and digging through over 700 posts is not practical, I thought I would provide a link to the last one I remember doing. It contains in the first paragraph links to all the other ones...I think. So if you were curious about the hair, tattoos or what other talents I used to think I had and you have some time to kill, start here. I apologize in advance for subjecting you to these stories all at once, but originally they were doled out slowly in small doses.

I should be finishing up with my current stocking project today or tomorrow and then I will get on the belly dance inspired piece. I've come up with a couple of different ideas to try out, but as always, I hope the first one I try works. Also, I will be picking a winner in the facebook giveaway this evening sometime, so if you haven't stopped by, you still have a bit of time. I got enough entrants to add a second gift certificate so the odds improved dramatically. There is very little chance of reaching the third though. It still cracks me up how few people enter to win free stuff when there is so little effort involved, but no skin off my nose.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving a link to the questions people-often-wondered-but-never-asked.. it was pretty neat to read.

I think the most odd colors I did on my hair was bright red (as some of yours have been), and blue black (which against my pale skin just made me look like a female Michael Jackson - and that wasn't the look I was going for)

One thing I am curious about is the home schooling - what made you decide that's what you wanted to do with the kids?

Also, how is the shoulder piece coming along?

louine said...

I just found your blog yesterday as I am interested in Needle Tatting. I know what you mean about stress....drink a cup of tea and de-stress by doing something you love to do but haven't done in a while.
BTW, how did you learn to do the Needle tatting?....I have crocheted and knitted for years and even tried shuttle tatting but I think the needle tatting will be easier for me. I had to order needles---they have not come yet but I am anxious to get started.
Your work is beatiful....I am not a facebook person so I will be following you on your Blog only.