Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tatting Gets Married

I lazily meandered though yet another day of stock making. Rather than stay on task though, I went back and forth to a couple of different projects. I spent a little time working out a potential pattern for the new belly dance piece. I decided to marry two pieces together for the right bold size. Then decided that the top edge would need something a bit different and decided to add different motifs along it to give it a bit of a patchwork or layering effect. In the picture the bits are just lying together  so I can see how it might all work. What I will need to do next is work out the placement of the coins and bells and once that's done, work up the final piece. I still need to get a neck measurement for the perfect fit first though.

I also worked on one solid failure of a one off. I saw a necklace on a TV show that I liked and I tries to emulate it, but I made some poor design decisions and scrapped it. I might make the necessary adjustments to save it, but it's not really a priority. I need to get back to the stock work, but without a looming deadline to keep me focused, I can't, well...stay focused. I also got an order yesterday so I allowed myself to be distracted remaking bits that probably didn't really need remaking. I think I need to just set my own deadline and stick to it. Yes, that's what I'll do. The remaking needs to be done by Friday night. That's two days Pam...get to work.

The giveaway closed last night with two winners picked after 135 entries. I remember now why I do these so infrequently, they are exhausting. You wouldn't think so, but they are a lot more work that they are probably worth. I do like to do them though to say thank you and get people excited and it doesn't hurt that they generally attract new fans and you know how much I love attention. Speaking of attention, I got a couple new questions to answer in yesterday comments. I've written too much already today to tackle them, but I promise sometime next week, I will tell those stories for you.


Babs said...


I wonder if you also make things on demand. I love the stuff on your etsy shop, but also saw some things passing by that aren't in the shop anymore.

Love, babs

TotusMel said...

Hi Babs! Yes I do custom orders as well. Some of my pieces cannot be remade, but I may be able to create similar ones. You can contact me on etsy with any request!