Friday, February 25, 2011

More Hexagons

Not only did I actually get the two new pieces I showed off yesterday all the way to listing, but I turned the circle bit I mentioned into a piece as well. I really wasn't certain how I was going to finish the bracelet, but in the end I went with the tried and true lobster clasp. Someone said something about it maybe being a bangle and while that thought did cross my mind, I'm not sure how the lace would handle being stretched over ones hand repeatedly and I since I personally always lose bangles, we'll just stick with the clasp.

The circle piece just needed something interesting to hang in the center of it. I grabbed something random out of my Fire Mountain boss bag and hung it from a nice snake chain and got myself another nice one of a kind piece. Of course I can make the circle again, but it will have some other bit hanging in the center.

I also worked on the necklace I mentioned yesterday using the little hexagon. I re sized it again and worked it into an undulating pattern. I actually got the length finished on it yesterday, but I haven't decided how to clasp it yet either. It would actually make an interesting headpiece or even a headband as well as a necklace if I simply attach ribbon to the ends, but as usual I'm hemming and hawing about it. I should make up my mind today and I might get it listed as well.

Ooh, one last thing for you today. I was over on the etsy checking out some new changes they made when I saw this article linked on the front page, Needlework From The Drawers Of Daughters. I will admit that the content didn't resonate that much with me as I don't really collect lace and I don't have anyone in my life that tatted to inherit pieces from, instead I create my own with a fresh life. That being said the article is highlighted with some lovely pictures of tatting and the related items at the end featured both myself and the talented Krystledawne. If you get a chance also read some of the comments as a few folk make an effort to remind the world that these are not lost arts or ones simply relegated to someones great grandmother, but living, breathing, evolving ones with creators from all walks of life and corners of the world. As much as I respect the old lace, I think that new lace and its many makers deserve a little more love, don't you?


jenilin said...

you are really giving us lots of beautiful pieces. even more than one a day woo hoo, i think you got some inspiration!!!!!!!

goudenregen said...

Such a stylish designs! Love the link by the way, my grandmother tatted, but only a very pieces were left.