Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I really ought to have dolled out the new bits from yesterday over a few days, but no I posted them all at once. Where does that leave me today? Well, with nothing to show of course. I spent yesterday on an epic pile of laundry, another ant invasion that needed quelling and remaking a few recently sold things.
Well that and physically recuperating from 'playing' in three foot snow drifts. Apparently that sort of activity can put a strain on ones body unless you are under the age of 18, then you just have a damn fine time and bounce back the next day as if nothing occurred.

I even woke up late this morning and I still have orders that need packing to go out today and we're back to schooling as well. I guess what I'm saying is I have nothing of worth to say and much more that needs doing. Oh, but there was one question in the comments yesterday regarding Steampunk tatting. I have tried to make things more in that vein, but honestly my lace style will always be more in a NeoVictorian vein. This actually makes it perfect for accessorizing fancier or more dressed up Steampunk outfits. I've added gears and tatted in browns with brass hardware, but honestly I try to go as far as I can without getting to that 'trying too hard' point. I'm certain I have more pieces with that feel waiting to be created, but I'm happy just keeping the Wunderkammer up to satisfy my steampunk tastes.

Today will be just more of the same, so don't expect too much awesome tomorrow either.

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Sewicked said...

Aww, you're always awesome to me.