Monday, December 13, 2010

Guess What I Broke

Good Monday morning my fine friends. It was one of those dragging weekends where not much of consequence happened, though lots did happen. Friday in particular was filled to the brim. There was the kitty vet appointment in the morning, followed by a quick finishing run on the holiday gifts. Then there was a field trip to the fire station followed by playing in the park. We then caught up with our DVR a little, had dinner with the in laws and I slept the sleep of a tired Momma.

Saturday was the trip to go see Tangled, cute movie, then a lot of nothing until I did something I never thought was actually possible. I broke a needle in twain. There I was tatting along and I had just finished a bit. I was running the needle under some stitches to hide the ends when, SNAP, the whole was now two. I think it was my first needle too. I have since acquired a few other sets for spares, but I think this was the old one, if seven is old in needle years. Has anyone else done this? Can you break a shuttle while working too? What's funny is this wasn't even a tight placement for me. I've run under stitches so tight that I've used the table to help push the needle through and no problems and this is what kills it. Oh well, I have more and I'm sorely tempted to pick up another set now that I know I can break them so I don't run out at any point. Could you imagine the horror of me being without a size 5 needle?

Anyway, I did manage a few sales over the weekend though not as many as I hoped. I will be getting those things remade and having the last week of schooling before a two week vacation. Of course it's just a break from one task replaced by keeping two bored kids entertained for two weeks, but a change of pace is always good. Off to it then and have a good day!


AJ said...

You had me worried with the blog title... I was afraid you had broken a body part!

Breaking needles is really common in beadwork, because our needles are small and thin and we abuse them. I think I broke 7 on my beaded Cthulhu project last year.

Crazy Mom! said...

I'm had a shuttle come apart on me - but since it was plastic, I could glue it back together.

Hope you have a spare! Those of use that are shuttle people have zillions of shuttles, usually with a project in progress.

caro-chan said...

I don't think I've ever managed to break a needle, but I have bent them so much that they were useless!

Krystle said...

I break the eyes on my tapestry needles that I use to sew in ends all the time. Never broke a tatting needle though. I Have broken the tips off of tatting shuttles. One of my favorite bone shuttles lost the tip recently.

mickchick831 said...

While I have never broken one, I have mangled beyond repair. I tend to be tight fisted in my tatting (and crochet) so I often use a pair of pliers to pull my needle through the tatting. If I am not carefull with the thinner needles-making sure I pull straight up rather than to the side, they will bend. Do this a few times it is hard to reshape them. I am amazed that yours last you as long as they do.

Sewicked said...

I have broken a justrite shuttle; it just broke into 2 pieces. I sobbed, until recently they weren't being made anymore. I've also broken the tip off of a clover, one of the tortoiseshell ones; the hook of a bates, or maybe it was a boye.

I have broken needles while sewing & embroidering. I find that those rubber bottle opening grippers does wonders for pulling needles through tight fits.