Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Late, late, late. So it appears that I had my own mini cyber Monday yesterday. The orders started flowing in as I worked on the mask order I got. I had already started making a few of the mask bits and set them aside so for the first time ever I finished A Kind of Pale Jewel mask in one day. Good thing too because I still have a few things to remake and get listed as quickly as possible to take advantage of the holiday season.

I did get the photos for the green bubble necklace, so that is listed now as well. I think I already mentioned that this is a one off. That is of course unless my next grab bag from fire mountain contains more of these beads. I sure won't go and order them separately unless these pieces become popular. I also wanted to make a similar necklace with wood beads that I acquired in those same grab bags, but I am trying to stay focused and work on the things that are selling.

Speaking of selling, the oddest things are selling. Well maybe odd is the wrong word. Generally I sell very little in color over the year but I have sold like five bracelets in green in the last couple of weeks. I also had an interesting order for a bracelet yesterday where I was requested to remove the clasp because they were going to use it as a bookmark. I think you might have guessed why that might be ironic. My very first piece of tatted jewelry was made because someone mistook a bookmark for a bracelet and that light bulb went off. This was far before I had found any other tatters online so the idea was fresh and interesting and shaped my whole outlook. I know others experienced the same light bulb moment independently as well and look where those ideas took tatting.

So it's more remaking after home schooling today and that is the whole of my plans for the day. Off to it then.

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