Monday, December 20, 2010

Ah, Comments

it was indeed a long weekend. There was a movie, Tron...I enjoyed that, then there was the birthday get together for a friend full of fabulous conversation, I enjoyed that as well. Then there was a visit from my sister and her children, actually that was enjoyable as well, loud, but enjoyable. In fact the weekend was so chock full of interaction that there was only enough tatting time to get some custom ordered pieces worked on. No mask for me yet. I'm starting to think that it will be put off until after the holidays are actually over so I can give it some actual attention. I guess we'll see how it goes.

I did want to do a little rant this morning. You see while I was out, I received a comment on my youtube video that teaches the simple flower in conjunction with the written instructions over at Instructables. Every now and again I get someone having a problem with the video, I tell them about the written portion and they are right as rain. This comment however was a bit of a rant itself, and I quote,  

"I find that your video isn't beneficial past the first minute because you go too quickly. It's so frustrating, trying to learn a new craft and the supposed best video for beginners(you're recommended, believe it or not) and having to repeatedly go back and back in the video trying to unravel how in the world to do something. You need to either slow down or reconsider making videos. Not everyone-especially beginners-can keep up with what apparently is your perception of slow."

Now, I get that I am not particularly slow, I didn't want to be, but what bugs me here is not the core complaint of speed, but the suggestion that I reconsider making free videos to the world because she personally finds it to not fit her learning style or needs. The biting sarcasm surround my video being recommended is also unnecessary for her complaint to be understood. Clearly those that recommended it did in fact find it useful and the fact that she does not doesn't negate that for them and insulting me is not going to get me to make her a slower video. It is instead going to make me rant, dear entitled youtube user, perhaps next time you'd like extra help or a slower video or have a request of any kind you will ask nicely and receive some help.

I am usually a nice person and I generally like to help, which is why the videos exist in the first place. You see, someone could not understand the written instructions and rather than tell me that my writing style sucks and why did I even bother, they asked for a demo video so they could also see what was happening. You know what, it took be a bit, but that is exactly what they got. My point is, why don't we all stop acting like we deserve everything we want and need handed to us for free on the Internet. On the flip side, I would like to thank every other person who has asked nicely, provided constructive criticism and thanked me for my meager efforts. For you all, I will keep making videos and Instructables and answering questions. I think I might start ignoring the entitled entirely.


tulsinator1219 said...

To tell you the truth, the first thing I ever tatted was your flower instructable. I pretty much learned how to from it. I wouldn't take people like that to heart. You're pretty much the only person I found that is willing to go into so much detail and even post your unique patterns. I especially love the barefoot sandals. Thanks for everything!

kelliebob said...

That sucks! But there are *always* jackwagons on the internet. It's a rule.
If it's any consolation every time an old lady at the craft show this weekend asked me how I learned to tat I'd smile and say, "The internet!" and every one of them was shocked. I'm incredibly grateful for your videos and tutorials because without you I'd never have discovered my passion for tatting.

Sewicked said...

I was trying to show my flickr photos to my brother this weekend & in desperation just looked under 'tatting'. Naturally enough, some of your photos came up. I pointed them out & later he went back to look at what you've done. I've 'created' another fan (created is in quotes because really, your work created the fan, I just pointed the way).

If Ms. Entitled is older than 14 and hasn't learned that you get more by being nice, well sounds like a personal problem to me. One that isn't up to you to solve.

Gina said...

I've gotten one similar to that on one of my youtube videos about hiding ends. I want to remake them all anyway, but the complaint wasn't even about style, technique or speed. It was about usefulness. I tried my best to explain it in words since the visual didn't make it clear, but I also know some people are set in their perceptions and won't make an effort to try something new. Can't please everyone!

Fox said...

Ah, don't worry about the ingrates out there! Just tune those voices right out because there are MANY folks out there - like moi, for instance, who have enjoyed your videos and your instructions, and indeed, have learned to needle tat because of them them!
Happy Hols!
Fox : )

Jo Campbell said...

I agree that you shouldn't let this person's rudeness get to you. I'm very grateful to anyone, like yourself, who offers their time and expertise to others completely free of charge. This person obviously doesn't have a clue.

Katherinne McKay said...

It sounds as if this person really wasn't wanting to learn how to needle tat. I learned from your videos, and really appreciated the fact that you started really slow and then built up to your full speed (which you even say in the description on Instructables.)

Some people are Debbie Downers - no matter what you do it will be wrong. Don't let it get to you -- beginners (including me last year) rarely learn from the first watch-through.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. So, I'm a shuttle tatter. I don't know anyone else who shuttle tats, and so I learnt from a book, and from some videos on YouTube. Last time i checked, YouTube had a pause button. You could even rewind it and play the video again. Imagine! Pause, play it back frame by frame, understand it, the end.

Don't get down about the fact not everyone has worked that out yet. It's not your fault :)

I've actually considered learning to shuttle tat too, because watching your videos is really inspiring. You could hand out free money to every person that watches your video, and there'd still be people that said it was too much, too little, or they don't like the colour. Some people are just generally like that.

Josie Passell said...

I found your utube the best and I was able to make my own flower and I was thrilled to bits, I don't think this person is a positive person, they are wanting to be negative and please don't take any notice of them. Thank you,

emily said...

For what it's worth, I learned to tat from your video (didn't make the flower - just got the idea of how to make stitches down and went on to make up a mobius strip... I'm a mathematician, it's the first thing I make in any new craft!), and thought it was extremely helpful! I already knew how to knit and at least understand the basics of crochet, even if I don't really know 'how' to crochet, so perhaps I'm just fiber-minded already, but I had no trouble following. Beyond that, had I trouble as you sped up, I would have USED THE VIDEO CONTROLS that are part of the medium you are presenting within, and gone back and re-watched. I don't see how someone can complain about your utilizing the full functionality of the site to not repeat the same image for a full ten minutes :P

I've spent the last few months reading the *entire* archives of your blog, just wanted to let you know - you are fantastic inspiration! And a pretty cool person. Thanks for putting all this out there, I'm sure there are orders of magnitude more of us who really appreciate your efforts and thoughts on the matter than there are ungrateful complainers.

Ese Jota said...

Don't listen to that user. I can`t remember if I saw your video, but I do know that I was able to make some tatted earrings for my mom just because of your flower instructable. Your instructions are great; I just had to be patient, like evertytime I try to learn something new. And I'm really thankful for that.

Anonymous said...

doh! and when i said 'I've actually considered learning to shuttle tat too..' - I meant of course, needle tat!

Shalot said...

You are the singular reason I learned to tat and I learned from your videos and instructables. The only complaint I have is that now I am obssessed!
Its a poor student that blames the teacher. She probably wasnt a graphic learner and definately unwilling to put the required time and work into learning. Her loss.
For every one sour grapes complainer there are probably 100's of us who are eternally grateful.