Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Mess

I went and did it...something I have put off for months if not a year. I reorganized my inventory. Let me fist back up a bit. This is suppose to be the busiest time for retail of any sort and since working in traditional retail for years, I know how to psych myself up for that. Problem is what I am in that head space I must keep moving and since since sales have yet to reach the level my head is at, I am actually bored. I find myself searching my brain for something, anything shop related to do to keep me in the mode just in case the floodgates do open. I finished remaking some things and then I got out the supply boxes to clean them up a bit. They weren't as bad as I thought so I was done with that quickly. I did November's books...quickly and then I made a strange decision, to tackle the afore mentioned inventory.

So here it is in all it's glory. Four tubs and a big bag full of unfinished pieces. My challenge, to not only organize these into a search-able collection, but to also finish all the pieces that need their hardware put on. There were suppose to be 200 pieces in here, but as I dug it became clear that there were many moments where I couldn't find something in this mess and just made up another meaning there are many duplicates. A few hours of clasps and stacking in relevant piles and I was mostly done. I ran across more than a few pieces that are no longer listed that either could be or I might do some giveaways. I also separated out all the prototype pieces that somehow got mixed in and now there is a box full of that sort of stuff.

My goal moving forward is to actually take the time to finish the pieces once I've tatted them. To no longer let them become a pile of indecipherable lace. I think I need more tubs too, so that I can separate the types of pieces better for easier order fulfillment. Oh and I really ought to do a proper inventory so that I've never surprised by a missing piece that I thought I had. That's brings us to today and what I'll do with this store based energy now. I'm thinking of digging through the bad of miscellaneous stuff from Fire Mountain to come up with some one of a kind pieces, but again I hope to be distracted by sales which the Sales Fairy was suppose to bring. I guess she's busy or my kitty wasn't cute enough or maybe I need to start shilling myself like I dislike doing. Most likely I'll just whine a bit more and make something...ah, the life of a creative, we are so bipolar.


WendyB said...

Ugh, organizing inventory annoys me too.

Sewicked said...

For the smaller, non-crushable pieces, you can put them in ziplock storage bags, within a tub. It's one way to get the items divided w/o investing loads of money.