Friday, December 24, 2010


I'm back, but not nearly settled. Usually when we take our Monterey trip, we try to stay three days. It males the whole endeavor much more relaxing. With two days, you feel a bit rushed and sort of like you're always packing. Of course it doesn't help that I come back to a house that needs to be presentable enough for a holiday and I'd much rather sit and tat for hours on end.

Since I clearly have no tatting to share, I thought I do a bit of a picture post instead. Yes, I did play with the edit bits on the phone camera, the ride home was quiet. I think I mentioned that this trip we had my brother-in-laws kids with us and that made the Aquarium even more more than usually for the kids. It made it more exhausting that usual for me. It didn't help that the Outer Bay exhibit was closed for renovation and we often could get away with sitting there for quite some time watching the big tank. This year it was all go, go, go.
It is always a little less crowed in the winter and if you get out at seven in the morning, you almost have the world to yourself.
Everyone have a wonderful Christmas, or just a nice weekend if that's isn't your bag and I'll babble at you on Monday.

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Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

The west coast is always pretty imo in winter :) Happy Holiday :)