Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No Focus

More remaking yesterday. I didn't even pick up the mask at all. I know it's going to require serious thought to rework it and keep the core design I was trying for and quite honestly I wasn't in the mood for serious thought.I just kept plugging away at things that needed remaking, which will include masks again soon as Mardi Gras is also fast approaching.

I scheduled up some photo posts and a story for Fridays Wunderkammer so I am on vacation from that until Tuesday. I also put a note up in the shop that I will not be shipping anymore orders I might receive until Monday. I can ship out domestic ones on Friday, but you couldn't pay me to head to post office for any International shipping on Christmas Eve...well you could pay me, but it would have to be a lot.

I feel like this post is totally ADD today, but anyway, I wanted to again thank you guys for all the supportive comments that keep rolling in regarding the youtube comment. Sometimes I forget how many people are actually out there lurking. I can't believe how many people have learned or been inspired to learn for my efforts. I do visit a few blogs myself and rarely do I make my presence known, so I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised. I need to remember that squeaky wheels are always louder and the silent majority is likely cool with how things are.

I'm off later this morning to the coast and the Aquarium with the family. It will be a shorter trip this time as our expenses have definitely gone up this year, but it is always nice to get away even for a bit. I might still drop a blog note sometime tomorrow, but don't count your chickens. I'm certain to be back babbling at you on Friday because as another tatting friend just wrote about in her blog, it's like morning porridge now and what would I do if I didn't blog.

Oh and a bit of strange advice...always turn the porch light on when answering the door in the dark.

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Gina said...

I read quite a few blogs but don't always comment. I don't like to comment for the sake of commenting. I either want to offer my thoughts on the topic at hand or sometimes I just want to encourage someone I know has talent and desire but is waffling on their self-perception. Sometimes I just don't have time to say more than a few words or even anything at all. I think I'll come back later and then get sidetracked. I also think my MO is pretty common. Lots read but don't comment unless strongly moved or motivated.