Friday, December 3, 2010

One Of A Kind

Here we are at the end of the week and boy did this one fly by. I did get a few sales yesterday but the first one was a big bummer. It was a mask order from Italy. Why is that a bummer? Well you see Italy has the strictest import prohibitions that I have run across. I assume that it is to protect domestic production because some of the things it will not allow are lace, needlework, sewn articles of any kind, hats and leather goods. So you can see why I had to cancel the order, refund the customer and hope they don't get too mad. I can send nothing I make to silly Italy. It's been said that I could send those things if I were in the EU as per their trade agreements, but since I'm here it's a no go. Luckily there were a couple more small orders in the evening to cheer me up.

I also got my creating on. I dug though that supply grab bag and came out with three different one of a kind pieces. This first up there is just a simple combo of split rings and a good old Josephine chain. The next one started with some different filigree balls and this time I had enough of them to make a pair of earrings to match. I stuck with the simple split rings, but added some little daisy flowers as well. For both of these I tatted directly onto the hardware. This made actually finishing these really quick too.

Last piece I made was less tatting and more mystery bits, but I think it's my favorite of the bunch. I took that flower diamond and tatted around it trying to mimic the design on the edge of the metal. Then I dug through the mystery bag some more and came out with a filigree ball, a small black crystal from regular supplies and some mystery metal chain. I know it's not silver, in fact it might be steel as it's ferrous, but I really don't know. I got these all listed as I made them and I'm pretty sure I confused a few people with my productivity, but making things you're never going to make again is much easier. I don't have to put any thought into the pattern as I don't need to remember it and since they are entirely unplanned required no forethought either. Just made them up as I went.

I do have a couple of pieces to remake today and then I think I might delve into that grab bag again. I only used black thread because I had put every other color back in their bins in an effort to clean up my nest. So I'll gather a few today from the bins and hopefully come up with a few more quick bits to keep myself happy. I know have a more than a few things to do over the weekend, but I'll try to keep the momentum going. The holiday shopping season is almost over.

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Karen said...

You're a very talented and creative lady. Karen