Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Bubbles

So Monday, it seems, what a bit of an odd bird. Tuesday dragged a bit with no sales all morning. Though that did give me a little time to play with the wood beads like I wanted to. I  was going to split ring up each of these oval beads, but I got lazy. I also had to adjust the chains to accommodate the longer beads and since I had fewer matching ones, the spiral chains are longer too. Not that the pattern matters as this is yet another one off piece.

I had been working on remaking a pair of ankle corsets before I listed them again, but decided to put them aside and just change the listing to say they were custom instead. Then I started making a ring with a different ring base I picked up. I don't have any pictures of it as halfway through I got an order for those ankle corsets I was ignoring and had to get back to them.

I really have no idea how I manage to stay on top of so many tasks in a day. What is even more amazing is how, when the work load diminishes just a bit, I can actually feel bored during the day. Clearly that is not now though. Sales are fairly steady, home schooling is getting a might more challenging, the kittens are destroying and I'm trying to keep the house as clean as I can so I don' have to do any major cleanup right before Christmas. I might be failing at that last one, but I am trying.

Anyway, I do have those ankle corsets to finish up today and them I might get to remaking the necklace that sold as well. It was the one with the elytra so I might stall on it until I feel more like getting the drill out to prep more wings. I will also get photos of the ring I made today so I have something new to list at least. I'm already tired just thinking about the day ahead...that may not be a good sign.

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Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

this and the last one are quite different from your normal style, I like them both, they seem a bit beach side in style. I would not have expected them from your normal work :) it is a nice surprise, and though not as ornate as your other work, they are very pretty.
Happy Tatting