Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It Has Begun

Aw, you guys are the best. Seriously, thank you so much for all the commiseration via comments yesterday. Sometimes I just need to let it out and you very rarely tell me I'm being a whiny baby. So on we go then.

I've managed to get nearly everything that flew during the holiday season remade and listed again. There are still a few pieces listed as custom and a couple more sold that should be remade, but nothing too interesting. I have been working so quickly the last few weeks that not only does my shoulder ache, but my whole back is a bit miffed at me. I've been getting large pieces that usually take more than one day, knocked out in one and it has clearly taken its toll on me. I shall be slowing down immediately and working at a more manageable pace.

I did finally start playing with the new mask idea. This was the beginning here and I really should have reevaluated the center bit, but I just kept working. Unfortunately it won't...work that is. Well I do know how to fix it, but I will need to start all over. From this point on the picture I just repeated the ring and chain pattern in the center of the heart all the way around. That was my intent from the start, but the stitch counts will need to be increased to make the design bigger without complicating it. I don't know if I'll get round to that today or not.

We have our winter trip to Monterey this week and of course the impending holiday and our dinner hosting duties, so I will likely still write, but I may be a tad erratic. I'm also considering putting the Wunderkammer on vacation as well, but I may just schedule up some link or flickr posts to keep visitors from falling off entirely. I'll likely get to that later today while I continue to fight the cold that my husband insisted that I try out. Oh zinc lozenges, don't fail me now.

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Unknown said...

That's because you weren't being a whiny baby. Ms. "I'm entitled to having everyone cater their free offerings to me before I've even made my presence known or bothered to ask politely for help" was being a whiny baby.

That much vitriol over a completely free instructional video was just jaw-dropping.

Good luck with the zinc!