Monday, December 6, 2010

Bubble Necklaces

I can't even begin to go into the weekend we had over here. We had packed it with holiday shopping and events. Events were canceled and other things were scheduled to discuss why events were canceled. Those reasons became a huge drama regarding a place that is very important to our family, the comic book shop. I know it must sound silly, but we've gone once a week since before we had kids and they've been every week since they were in utero. I don't want to go into details since they are generally second hand and you'd have no idea what I was talking about anyhow, but the point is weekend...not as planned.

I did get some tatting done is small spurts over the weekend. I decided to make use of the large amount of big glass beads that had been included in one of my fire mountain grab bags. I started with the blue ones as I had the most of them. This gave me the first real excuse to try out tatting with beads where the thread is brought through the bead and not around. Usually the beads I use are entirely too small to attempt the maneuver, but these were perfect. It was another make it up as you go piece with chains around the beads and Josephine chains between them. I made the thing 24" long and tatted the final two beads together so it just slips over your head.

I also have similar beads in shades of purple and green, so next up I did some purple ones. While the blue were all the same shade, these varied a bit, but they all worked together well so I did the same thing with them. I also sold the first one of these within five minutes of listing it. Luckily I had just enough of the same sized beads to make one more. That is the last of the purple though. Then I went onto the green and I haven't photographed that one yet. It was made with two different sizes of the same glass beads. I only have enough of those to make just one. Both that one and the blue were made with hand dyed thread, the purple was a Flora that I got just to try out.

I just woke up to a mask order, so I'll be working on that today and hopefully I'll get the green bubble necklace listed. These things work up so quickly and since the beads came in the grab bag, I priced them to move. I do have plenty more blue beads and some smaller of each color, but I found I couldn't get the needle through the smaller ones, let alone a hook, so I might use them for something else entirely. I'm just glad I finally figured out a use for them at all, I hate having supplies going to waste. So of to it then and have a great week!


Fox said...

I am laughing aloud as I read this post. Hooting even. Try and explain? Hard to understand for those who do not 'get' the wacky and diverse universe of comics, graphic novels, buying second hand, treasured classics and pristine copies and on and on!

I spent oodles of time in the local comic shop with my kids throughout their growing up and now I still visit to pick up the odd thing for my very-grown-up-big-boy, who now with has own kids, still makes the weekly trek to the comic shop and takes his own wee bairns! I totally get it!
Fox : )

Sewicked said...

The comic shop is also my gaming supply shop (for the games and some of the dice, no minis or maps). They also carry manga, a few books and some anime and movies. They've been in business for at least 20 years and I've been going there gods..that long?! *shudder*

Since it's in the next town, I only go twice a month. However, I have a 'bag.' I give them a list of titles & they pull them for me. I pay for them & pick them up when I come in. What can I say, I love this place.