Friday, October 8, 2010


Proving yet again that I rarely have a handle on what is going to happen in the future, I have sold just two masks this month. I know it's still early, but in the land of Internet orders there is an earlier cutoff for sales since shipping is only so reliable. So I've got maybe two weeks left of Halloween sales. I should have recalled that last year I didn't really sell all that many for Halloween either. They really do work better as Masquerade masks. Anyway, that was just a bit of a whine over spending so much time getting masks made, when I could have been doing something else I suppose.

The frilled vine piece was photographed and listed yesterday.The biggest challenge was as a convertible piece, I never know what is best to show in the first picture. It works as a headband, armband, necklace and the ruffle makes it look great all tightened up as a bracelet too. I thought it might make a great garter as well. It would if it were like twice the length. Why I always forget how much bigger around ones leg is than their neck, I'll never know. Well, it's likely because I really don't need to know. Though I suppose I could make one long enough for that purpose, but that would take forever.

The profound lack of orders on my plate meant I did get to work on the crazy halter top idea. The bottom edge is already sussed out so it was the challenge of the triangle. I am first testing out a vintage design made of small square motifs. The motif is the same one I use in my Starburst pieces. I initially connected them wrong and had to cut them apart to start again, but I not even certain they are going to work. I'm working using my own sad measurements and trying to adjust things to what might be considered normal sized. There will be little room for adjust-ability in the end design so I want it to be as average as possible. Though I not so secretly hope to be called away from the project with pressing orders to attend to, I will keep working on this one. I may have to just buckle under and design from scratch for this bit. I guess I'll just have to work up the prototypes as see how it comes together.


Sewicked said...

How fitted does the halter have to be? Start with a small size and then figure out how/what to add to make it larger. Hey, it's an idea; I don't claim that it's a -good- one.

Love the new convertible. How does it work as an anklet?

TotusMel said...

well, it's an idea anyway...The convertible works good as an anklet as well. It looks a bit like the bracelet.