Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Middle

I wish I could start today's post with something like, 'wow guess what happened yesterday?', but alas nothing much did. It was just a rather normal day. It started off with school for the child, then there was a quick curation of the Wunderkammer and I was straight back to sleep tatting. At least it appears to finally be turning to Autumn. Here in the land of two seasons that means that in just a few weeks it will be Winter for all intents and purposes, but at least that will mean an end to all this freezing in the morning, burning hot in the afternoon business.

I managed to get all the ordered pieces made up yesterday so all that is left is for me to press them and add a bit of hardware and ribbons and I can send them off later this afternoon. I even managed to get the bulk of another mask remade. It was the newest design, the one with the frilled edge and the whole time I was working on that frill, I was trying to suppress the urge to make a matching necklace or ooh maybe a convertible piece.'s hard to ignore that 'creative' little voice, but I still have one more bracelet that needs remaking before I can do that and I really should get one last mask made up as well.

You do realize that what is more likely to happen, I will oscillate back and forth on the idea until I finally break down and try out the new idea anyway. Then halfway through it it I will either receive an order that needs making or some other important task will pop up and I will be kicking myself as I finish the piece that I really didn't 'need' to make. I could of course be wrong about all those predictions, but you will hear about it tomorrow either way. If I do make  new piece at least I'll have a picture to share instead of all of this mindless babbling.

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