Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Would Rather Be Tatting

It was a long day...a long, hot day. It began with and hour and a half walking tour of an air museum. This would have normally been lovely in October, but it seems that October has morphed into some other crazy summer month that left us walking on asphalt in increasingly warming sun. It was still nice I suppose with the picnic at the end, but there you have the whole of the morning.

Afternoon started with the children taking a nice nap when I managed to finish yet another mask and get most of the way through a necklace. The whole time I was dreading the evening though and it was fast approaching. I was also crushed to learn that one of my twitter friends had a very tragic day. Before I had left for the field trip she had tweeted that her husband had collapsed and was with paramedics. I thought about her all day and by this point in the afternoon I learned that he had died. We aren't close, but she is a wonderful and wacky personality and young. I am crushed for her and I wish her anything she needs to get through this and I hugged my husband tight when he got home.

Then I went into the belly of the beast. My mother is moving and I have been little help, but I was asked to go into her old apartment and help finish packing. I hate moving myself and last evening with do nothing to reverse that feeling. I spent hours there and feel like nothing was accomplished. I must point out now that I myself am a bit of a pack rat. I got this trait from my mother who I fear has developed into more of a hoarder and that is all the description I'm going to give. Hopefully the move is a fresh start, because I am so not doing this again.

Today should theoretically be back to routine, schooling and tatting. I've caught up with all the orders so it's just remaking at this point. I'll get that necklace finished this morning and maybe onto another mask. I think this shall be a 'whichever way the wind blows' sort of day.

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Sewicked said...

*hug* My mom's a child of the Depression and it shows. She's finally letting go. She's stripping her closets, for example, down to what she really wears. It gives me hope for myself.