Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm A Shark

Just in case you were concerned about the daughter's grasp of math facts, I thought I'd tell you straight away that just another day of flash cards along with a few tips and tricks seemed to have done the job. She is by no means all of a sudden a number expert, but she went from complete disaster to general competence so I count that as a win. As you can imagine that I accomplished very little in the morning as I focused on the task of math and then school became even more complicated with the construction of science...instruments. She is now studying the weather and wind and this means trips outside with things cobbled together from drinking straws, pencils and paper plates...highly scientific and time consuming.

After all the school business I was able to finish the custom convertibles and the mask I was working on and get it listed. I was also gratified and this point in the day to receive payment for my most recent order. As I started work on yet another mask I got that, 'I don't wanna be doing this anymore today' feeling. I know we have entered that three month magic zone where I can expect an uptick in sales and I will be tatting nonstop for that whole time, so I stopped. I took a break, packed the recent orders and then I cleaned. I know, I know, cleaned? Well, when you need a break you do the first thing that needs doing. Oh, but why wouldn't I just take a break and relax? Yeah, I don't do that much. Most days I'm like a shark. No, I'm not a man eating menace, I just can't stop moving or I'll drown.

Today there's a field trip to out local air museum. We've been there before of course and it is quite the walking tour. It can be lovely in the right weather, unfortunately this October is still behaving like June or July and I'm sorely tempted to bring my umbrella and rock the sun parasol look. When we return, it will be back to the masks and other recently sold goodies. I cannot get lax now, must keep up. So off to it then and sorry about the lack of pictures again.


Sewicked said...

Taking a break, ie doing something else, is vital for keeping the batteries charged. Good for you for recognizing that. Hope you guys had fun at the air museum.

Krystle said...

Is this uptick a general thing on Etsy? Me hope so.

TotusMel said...

Pretty much doesn't hit everyone of course, but the impending holidays generally do increase business and I should think your pieces make wonderful gifts!