Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

What a weekend. The sales started on Friday with a couple of masks which put me in a right pleasant mood. We headed off to the Ren Faire on Saturday knowing I had a few extra pennies to justify the trip. This is the first time we've made more than one trip over in a season and it is odd being recognized by the denizens, but we did have a lovely time.

I had been getting a bit grumpy over a recent trend of folks asking if I could somehow customize a pieces, size, color, etc., and then seemingly disappearing into the mist. Well, a couple of those reemerged and there were also more mask sales waiting when I got home. I, however couldn't get to much on Sunday as my Mother was moving and though we missed the bulk of the carrying phase, we were just in time for the assembling phase. I put together a table and chairs, started the entertainment stand, but a vital piece of hardware was missing. You know the kind that must be acquired from the manufacturer. That then was the end of my task. Of course my poor husband was left helping to cart over a refrigerator and washer and dryer, so I won't be complaining.

So that leaves me with a custom listing up waiting for payment and further instructions that I will need to get to straight away and a necklace I need to finish for shipping tomorrow. There was a veil that needed expedited shipping for a wedding this coming week, thankfully UPS is open today. Now there are also a handful of masks that need remaking. I won't re list any of them as custom until after the holiday so I don't get any 'make it now and ship it now' orders. I will try to get them remade as this is really the last week that things can reasonably be expected to ship by Halloween.

I also have a field trip for my daughter later this week not to mention her regular schooling. I suspect that I might be a bit focused on getting things done and that this headache that I woke up with is going to stay with me much of the week. I also predict a boring, picture-less blog for the week as I have no time to return to the halter top idea now. My apologies in advance.

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Sewicked said...

No pictures? Nooooooo!

Just kidding. Have fun with the kidlet's school & field trip. Glad to hear that you've had sales.