Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

These weekends lately have been flying by at super sonic speed. I seem to arrive at Monday with little to show for the journey. There was Friday where I started the day with a photo shoot of the one eyed mask. It is now listed of course and I never did hear a peep from the customer who wanted a day to think about it. This has become exactly the same situation that spawned my first mask. An innocent request turned into a creative obsession that results in a piece I might never have made otherwise. Too bad in both cases the person doing the requesting disappeared. I also managed a very full day of making. I sold quite a few small pieces and spent much time getting most of them remade and listed.

Then we have Saturday which was reserved for family time. We had some family over and carved pumpkins. What is it about pumpkin that allows it to adhere to ones flesh through repeated washings? Seriously, I washed my hands so much I feared I was going to loose a layer of skin just so I could get back to tatting. Oh and I almost forgot one Friday thing. I got a message of congratulations from someone on etsy who had seen a feature on my ankle corsets over on the Craftzine blog. I had no idea it existed though I guess I would have figured it out as my shop traffic jumped considerably due to it. It's nothing too in depth, but it was linked on the front page of their site, such a wonderful surprise!

I guess that brings us to Sunday which again was spent mostly off the couch and the computer. I sold a pair of the ankle corset which I immediately relisted, so I spent a great deal of the day working on a pair. I am really burnt on masks so even though I have a few of those left to remake switching to the corsets was a nice respite from the routine. I also had some time to think and decided that not only do I need to come up with yet another ankle corset design, but I need to make a bridal pair all embellished with crystals, maybe pearls and some embroidery. I have made several pairs for brides, but I have never taken pictures of them in white nor made embellished ones. Of course then I need to get me some white shoes since I have no reason to own a pair of those. I was married in a silver dress, so nothing. Of course this is all just premature babbling as I would need sufficient time to make them anyway, but the plan has been laid. Now off into a new week full of possibilities.

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