Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sexy Frilly

While I clearly have no ability to predict what the world would throw at me yesterday, I did correctly predict my own actions. Yes, I realize that predicting ones own actions is not exactly rocket science. I did ignore the tasks on hand and instead got to work on a convertible piece made to match my frilled mask. I started with the same burgundy red and made a double vine piece which is the same basic vine pattern I used on the mask doubled over. This of course was the easy part.

Next was the frill. To be honest it's all really easy parts, but this part is ridiculously time consuming. The first step here is a row of chains that hug the outside of the vine layer with picots spaced out as a base for the frill. I started with the same configuration as the mask only to realize that the difference in shape, rounded versus straight, makes a larger difference than I thought. I had to remove the first try, rework the numbers and start again. Next up was the frill. I got pretty worried as I was getting halfway done with the first side. The whole piece curled like a rainbow, but I told myself it would straighten right back with the second did.

I finished the piece too late for proper photos, but I should get to those today. I still haven't decided for certain whether I should run the ribbon through the middle or not. I most likely will as that's what makes the piece so versatile. All the frills also got me thinking about doing a big piece. See a couple of other folks have tried out the tatted panties angle, but honestly they never looked like something I could see anyone wearing. This design makes me think that a tatted bikini top however might be. With this piece frilled on one side as the bottom edge and two similarly frilled triangles atop, fully lined of course and tied in a halter fashion, it could be even comfortable. When will I have time to work out this idea? No clue, but I present it for approval and to make sure I actually try it out. Today I will have to get back to making those sold pieces I ignored, but I'll have finished pictures of this for you tomorrow.

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AJ said...

Ooooh, love the idea of a tatted halter top!