Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well, I've not much for you today I'm afraid. I ought to have split up yesterdays post as I knew I wasn't going to get anything of interest done. I still have not heard back from the one eyed mask customer so I did absolutely nothing in that arena. Instead I just got to some remaking. I have a pair of small barefoot sandals I finished and a flower garland necklace. I even got started on one of my As The World Falls Down masks, though that is far from finished. It was a basic production day. Though I must admit I'm still a bit out of it and I have been since Friday. I suppose I'm just still emotionally drained and I don't think I'm sleeping very well as I keep waking up tired.

I hope to hear from the customer today so I can know one way or the other. I also have my favorite doctor's appointment of the year later so I think I will only try to get the world mask finished. Yep, I'm just exhausted from not doing that much at all so I t ink I shall leave it here for now. There's always the chance that something incredible could happen today and tomorrows post will be full of fantastic. I would not however, hold your breath.


Tatfully Yours said...

Hope things start to turn around for you soon.

Megaladong said...

sounds like you're keeping up the productivity!