Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sleep Tatting

What I forgot to mention yesterday was the thunderstorm in the wee hours of Monday morning with a Thunder clap so loud I say explosion. You see said thunderstorm woke me at about 1 am and the light show the followed was spectacular and long lasting. What I am getting at is I had a lousy nights sleep and it there is one thing I've learned about lack of sleep it's that it carries over until you've managed to catch up. Thus, I am freaking exhausted this morning. I am certain that it didn't help that I was tatting all day yesterday on sold pieces. By the late afternoon I was resting my eyes between joins. I mean I don't 'need' them open while I'm just making stitches do I? Yes, I just admitted that I can and do tat with my eyes closed.

The other task I've been busying myself with is the cataloging of books.  My mother is moving and after years of acquiring children's books for us and her old teaching career, she is off loading them on me. I don't mind as it is a great collection for the kids, but since I am so unfamiliar with most of them and I wanted a way to know what we had, I got an app to enter them all in. While a small percentage of them scanned into my iPhone easily, the rest need to have their ISBN numbers entered manually. Yes, this is what I've been doing when I need a break from tatting. Yes, I am aware that it sounds like more work than tatting, but it's different and needs to be done as well. So far, I am 750 books in with a sizable pile left and there are more that just haven't been dropped by yet. My kids will have their own school library when this is done.

So, as you might have guessed, it's back to tatting the recent order today. It was three pieces all of which needed to be made. I have one done and I should be able to finish the second today and there is a slight chance that I'll get the third done as well or close anyway. Then I sold another mask last night that I will hurriedly get remade as the Halloween season is upon us and I have little time to take advantage of it. I guess there will be more sleep tatting today.


Sharon said...

I can relate. I tatted all of the 3D flowers and butterflies for my wedding veil in size 50 thread in less than a month. I was literally tatting in my sleep and I had to wake up when I came to a join. You can see it here:

TotusMel said...

That's a gorgeous and involved headpiece Sharon, I bet you were sleep tatting ;-)