Friday, October 22, 2010

Odin Is Back

I have to admit that I was a  little anxious that yesterdays post was going to either turn a few folk off or start drama, but it appears it was generally take the way it was meant. i still did not hear from the one eyed mask customer so I went ahead and made one up for the shop. It took much of the day as I did not only modify the design from the prototype, but also added a section of working over wire. If you've not done that before, it is fiddly. I changed the tip section to a much more symmetric design over the wire added crystals and extended the second row further across the face. You can scroll down to the prototype picture and see the differences.

It was completed way too late in the evening for proper photos so that's on tap for this morning. I also still need to suss out the glue attachment point though what I think I will do rather than sew something on the back is coat the back of the lace in a couple of strategic spots with a sealant so it can be glued and cleaned and is still generally soft on the skin. Then I should be able to get it listed. I might even pick up a bit of spirit gum to ship with it since it is that time of year and it is actually in every store. Of course there is also the business of a name. While I like the Odin Mask, I think I will still search those good old Labyrinth lyrics for another name. It has become my thing and why stop now.

I was also very lucky to make a good mask sale yesterday which I need to get packed up now. I will be working on getting those remade as well. I'd also like to let you know that it has been a week since I had to put my kitty Cleo down. She lived for 14 years and over 13 and half of those years she was healthy and happy. I feel rested this morning and I think I have accepted the lose with the help of the rest of my kitty family, people family and all my wonderful Internet friends. I just thought I should take a moment to again thank you for caring.

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Meg said...

Time heals. How much time it takes is different for each person. But eventually it does get easier.