Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Math Facts

Well, let's see...I spent the morning hurriedly finishing a necklace and almost the moment it was complete it was time to head up for schooling. Up to this point my child has soaked up most things fairly easily. Sure, there have been a few struggles, but we hit out first brick wall. She is suppose to be memorizing addition fact with sums up to 16 and this was the point at which she broke. She was handling up to 12 alright, but apparently 16 was a magic number and a timed test ended in complete failure. Sure it's no big deal, we just back up a bit and slow down with them. What does annoy me a bit is I don't have automatic recall on some of these. I still do the math in my head so why does she have to be all rain man with them? Oh well.

As soon as school was over I grabbed some mask wires and got to work on a mask, which by the end of the day was complete. I did take a break on it when I got my custom color order sorted. I've got two convertible pieces, one in camel and one in brown that need making. At this point, I have just the brown one to finish. I took them to a comic book shop meeting to finish and I'm sure I looked a little more off than usual, but I feel like I can't slow down on anything right now.

I'll finish up the convertibles today then start back on the masks. I also woke up to another sale lacking payment so I'm crossing my fingers that it resolves itself quickly. I used to send out a message that indicated that all orders not paid for within 3 days would be canceled and this time I sent one that shrunk that time frame down to 24 hours. I just don't have the patience anymore to wait and see, especially when a large portion of these have a complete lack of communication whether they eventually pay or not. So it's off to math boot camp today followed by mask making sweat shop...good times, good times.

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Sewicked said...

My mother had me playing cards before I could read. I learned basic math by counting my points.