Monday, January 30, 2017

What's Next

Okay, so let's see, Friday was the first full that my Armenian lace video was up and I had some lovely comments. a couple of questions to answer, and quite a few views. I guess it turned out okay then. Sorry I can't oblige with outtakes as I deleted all mistakes as they occurred. That is the joy of digital media after all. I used Friday to finally pin up the last of the gift doilies as well. It will sit here until the brother for whom it is intended visits again though.

I also gave some thought to the next video. I have two more stitches mocked up and ready to go. I'm going to do the fancy side stitch as it will allow me to teach the knot stitch going from left to right, and then the square stitch with a simple loop row above since it's a completely different shape. They will likely be two different video as that lets me keep them short. Short is easier to make in one shot and I imagine easier to watch over when trying to learn something.

I figure after these two I'll tackle a multi-row stitch like the basket stitch and then making round lace. I don't have a clue as to the actual timetable here, but I'm thinking maybe once a week right now. We'll just have to see how my free time flows I guess. If you missed the first video it's here, or on Instructables if you prefer. When I have a few more I'll add them to the sidebar of the blog as well.

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muskaan said...

I better get some more cords ready, then :-)