Thursday, January 12, 2017

One Task Done

I finished phase one of our cleaning project yesterday which means I'm taking a cleaning break today. This is one of those multi-phase sort of cleaning projects, you know that kind that usually takes place in the Spring, but we're starting it during a multi-day rain storm instead. I know that I could get it done faster if I needed to, but I really don't want to overwhelm myself with it.

I also didn't bother even looking at what might need tatting for my shop and instead used the entire day for reading and knotting. I'm on the second round of basket stitch. After that I think I might actually go back to the spiraling. I think it creates a lovely shape and it will make it much different than the other gift doilies. Well, as different as one knotted doily can actually be from another made by the same hand.

I don't have much else to share I'm afraid. Today will likely be much the same as yesterday, except with less laundry and cleaning. Maybe I'll make some quality progress on the doily and get closer to figuring out how to do a tutorial. Of course that's likely still weeks away from happening, the doily is still a baby.

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picotsnkeys said...

I found the secret to my cleaning/sorting woes.....move to a new city. Then you can use getting to know your new place to keep yourself working through all the "junk" and getting things sorted! Good luck with your gargantuan task.