Thursday, January 5, 2017

I actually had a pretty good first day back. I finished reading Leviathan Wakes and started on the next one, Caliban's War. I was going to wait and take a break from the 600+ page novels, but I was seriously sucked into the story. If you like science fiction mixed with a little noir crime and maybe some horror and of course space battles, it's great.

Don't worry I also worked on the the doily this time. If I employ something as a page weight, I can still do both things sufficiently well. I'm not trying anything new or groundbreaking with this one, just doing some of my favorite stitches for an expected result.

I'll keep going on like this until I get it done which means that I'll be at this awhile. The shop has gone pretty quiet, so I suspect that I won't have any tatting to distract me this week at least. I set my good reads reading challenge to 100 books this year, so I have that to focus on if nothing else.

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